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Disappointing for its non-coverage of the role of Scottish publishers in the Indian educational book market.  The sole reference indexed is in the editors’ introduction (p. 6): “By 1915 it [Nelsons] had established offices in Dublin, Paris, Leipzig, Toronto and Bombay”.  Other mentions (not indexed) are: “Our [quoting Tony Chambers] major business was through agents in countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada, India and the Far East.  At one stage we were selling large quantities of infant readers to Engish speaking schools in India” (p. 349) and “The inert-war years offered many opportunities for overseas trade and Blackies took advantage of the burgeoning educational markets in the 1920s, establishing subsidiaries in Australasia, India snd Canada” (p. 355).

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A revised version of the previous item (i.e. with an expanded concluding section).

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Volume 1: The cross-national dimension in print culture; volume 2: Perspectives from South Asia.  Separate entries given for individual essays in Vol. 2.  ARE THERE ANY ESSAYS IN VOL. 1 THAT NEED SEPARATE ENTRIES?

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Mentions (p. 165): It [i.e. the Religious Tract Society] also helped with the translation of the Life of Mohammed (vol. 22, 1847) into Marathi and Gujurati by the Bombay Tract and Book Society”.  The volume by Rev. W. H. Stowell of Rotherham was issued in the RTS’ “Monthly Series” in September 1847.

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One passing reference to Chamber’s business with India (p. 79): “Colonial booksellers were regular customers, and as the years went by, the Chambers correspondence book acquired orders from India and the West Indies as well as Australia and Canada”.


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