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From 1883 to the 1920s the Irishman Lovett worked in Indian newspapers, first at Bombay (becoming editor of The Advocate of India) and then from 1897 in Calcutta (editing the Capital  and also writing a regular column called The Ditcher’s Diary).  This book includes the lectures on journalism in India which Lovett delivered at the University of Calcutta in 1926, and An Outsider’s Odyssey, autobiographical reminiscences of his career in the Indian press.

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Vol. II  Chap. X: Christian literature in India (pp. 284-304) comprises a review of the kinds of Christian literature prepared and circulated: 1) versions of the Bible by L. M. S. missionaries in Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam 2) tracts and books for educational purposes and for theological instruction, giving the case of Benjamin Rice at Bangalore about 1840 as an ideal “literary missionary” and then quoting extensively from a hitherto unpublished paper by E. P. (son of Benjamin) Price given in 1895 to a meeting in London of the secretaries of all the leading English missionary socities on the shortcomings of the existing Christian literature and what is still needed, etc.  It ends with two examples of the  impact of the right kind of Christian literature from Rev. G. p. Taylor of the Irish Presbyterian Mission at Ahmedabad and Rev. W. Haigh of the Wesleyan Mission in Mysore.


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