ZACHARIAE, Th.  Das Devanāgarī-Alphabet bei Athanasius Kircher.  Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der Wissenschaften.  In …………………………………………

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ZEENATUNNISA.  Sex discrimination in education: content analysis of Pakistan school textbooks.  The Hague: Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands, 1989.  61 p.  (Working Paper No. 62)

Based on content analysis of Urdu- and English-language textbooks used at secondary level in Sind, Pakistan.  Text avail;able at http://repub.eur.nl/res/pub/18775/wp62.pdf

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Deals with the impact of missionary printing activities on the culture of colonial Mizoram from the 1830s onwards.

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ŽUPANOV, Ines.  ‘Twisting a pagan tongue: Portuguese and Tamil in Jesuit translations’, in her Missionary tropics: the Catholic frontier in India (16th – 17th centuries) (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2005), 232-58.

Revised version of the previous item. 

ZVELEBIL, Kamil.  ‘Báradi, novinář: z historie tamilske žurnalistiky’, Nový Orient 4 číslo 16 (1961), pp. 156-157.


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