South Asia Book Trade Index (SABTI)

South Asia Book Trade Index (SABTI)

by Graham Shaw

SABTI is an A-Z of anyone associated with printing in South Asia. We hope to add more biographical details to the entries in the future. The database currently has over 2,100 entries.

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G    H    I    J     K    L

M   N  O   P   Q   R   S

T    U    V    W   Y   Z


APA The [Madras] Asylum Press Almanac 1862/82
BAAD The Bengal Almanac and Annual Directory 1818
BAD The Bombay Almanack and Directory 1862
BADAR The Bengal and Agra Directory and Annual Register 1850
BCA The Bombay Calendar and Almanac 1830/40
BCCGD The Bombay Commercial Calendar and General Directory 1845
BCGD The Bombay Calendar and General Directory 1850
BCR The Bombay Calendar and Register 1816
BD The Bengal Directory 1876/80 – Delhi only
BDAR The Bengal Directory and Annual Register 1838/39/40
BDGR The Bengal Directory and General Register 1824
BNADGR The Bombay New Almanack, Directory and General Register 1844
CADR The Calcutta Annual Directory and First Quarterly Register 1831
CB Catalogue of Books Registered … [quarterly by province]
CC The Ceylon Calendar 1818
CKPOD The Calcutta Kalendar and Post Office Directory 1821
DAS The Delhi Almanac and Souvenir 1857
DLB O’Rourke & Hayward’s …Directory of Lucknow and Barabanki 1895
MA The Madras Almanac 1800/30/35/38/39/40
NCD The New Calcutta Directory  1862
OCADBR The Original Calcutta Annual Directory and Bengal Register 1817
OCADC The Original Calcutta Annual Directory and Calendar 1813
TBD Thackers Bengal Directory 1868/76
TID Thackers Indian Directory 1885/90/95 – Delhi only/99

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