CADDY, J. M.  Manager, Rangoon Times Press, Rangoon [NCD62]

CAIRNIE, A.  Head Assistant, Government Lithographic Press, Calcutta [BADAR50 – probably misprint = *CARNIE, A.]

CALAHASTY, S. A.  Proprietor, Vidyavilasam Press, Calicut [APA82]

CALDER, George  Head Printer, Male Asylum Press, res. Mount Rd, Madras [MA39-40]

CALEB NAIDU, P.  Superintendent, Government Printing Press, Calicut [APA82]

CALISTAN, C.  Compositor, Bengal Printing Company’s Press, res. 12-2 Hurrinbaree Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

CAMBRAY, R., & CO.  Booksellers, 6 Hastings St, Calcutta [TID99]

CAMES, Mr.  Librarian, Civil Engineering College, Madras [APA82]

CAMPBELL, D.  Engineer, Colaba Press Company, Bombay [BCGD50]

CAMPBELL, G. J.  Secretary, The Delhi Institute and Library, Delhi [NCD62]

CANNON, H.  Proprietor, St. Andrew’s Library, Organist and Musicseller, Bombay [NBADGR44 – v. probably = CANNON, H. A.]

CANNON, Henry A. Organist and Musicseller, Bombay [BCA40]; Bookseller, Forbes St, Bombay [BNADGR44]; Proprietor, St Andrew’s Library, Forbes St, res. Fort, Bombay [BCCGD45]; Bookseller, Meadow St, res. Fort, Bombay [BCGD50]

CANSEE CHETTY, J.  Bookseller, Thieving Bazar Rd, Madras [TID99]

CANTRELL, Alexander  Press Reader, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

CAPOOR & BROS.  Proprietors, Allahabad School Book Depot and Indian and Foreign Goods Depot, Agents for the Bally Paper Mills Co. Ltd., Chauk (east of Octroi Office), Allahabad [TID99]

CAPOOR, B. P.  Manager, Allahabad School Book Depot Depot and Indian and Foreign Goods Depot, Chauk (east of Octroi Office), Allahabad [TID99]

CAPPER, A.  2nd Printing Assistant, Government Lithographic Press, Calcutta [CADR31]

CARBERY, F.  Assistant, P. S. D’Rozario and Co., Calcutta [BADAR50]

CARBEY, R. J.  Manager, Commercial Messenger [biweekly advertiser], Allahabad [TBD68]

CAREY AND MENDES  Printers, 3½ Loll Bazar, Calcutta [imprint to Report of La Martiniere Institution 1847]

CAREY, W. H.  Printer, Lahore Ukhbar, Lahore [BADAR50]; Superintendent, Thomason C. E. College Press, Roorkee [DAS57]; Proprietor, Phoenix Press, and Printer, Allahabad Gazette [bi-weekly – Wed and Sat at Rs. 20 per annum in advance]Allahabad [NCD62]

CARNIE, Alexander  1st Printing Assistant, Government Lithographic Press, Calcutta [CADR31]; 1st Assistant, HEIC’s Lithographic Press Office, Old Mint, Calcutta [BDAR38/4thq-39-40]

CARRINGTON, J.  Engineer, Paper Mills, res. Trans-Goomti, Lucknow [DLB95]

CARRISON, G.  Reader, Civil and Military Gazette Press, Publishers, The Civil and Military Gazette and Punjab Record, Printers to the Punjab Government, &c., Lahore [TID99]

CARTER, J. M.  Assistant Superintendent, Government Press, Pay Rs. 250, Allahabad [NCD62]

CARTLEDGE, B.  Assistant, Poona Observer & Civil and Military Journal, Poona [TID99]

CASEY, J. P.  Superintendent and Printer, East Indian Railway Press, Allahabad [NCD62]

CASHMAN, J. H.  Superintendent, Bengal Secretariat Press, and Printer, Calcutta Gazette Press, Calcutta [NCD62]

CASHMAN, John  Printer, Calcutta [OCADC13; BAAD15]; Printer, Serampore [CKPOD21]; Printer, Serampore Press [OCADBR17; CADR31; BDAR39-40]

CASSINATH DUTT  English Writer, Lithographic Press, Gazette & Current Department, Government Press, Pay Rs. 85, Allahabad [TBD76]


CHAMBERS, C. T.  Assistant in Charge, Jail Press, Government Press, Rs. 150, Allahabad [TID99]

CHAND, A.  Assistant, Sen & Co., Imperial Medical Hall, Chemists, Druggist, Printers, Publishers, &c., Delhi [TID95]

CHAND, A., & CO.  Proprietors, Imperial Book Depot, Booksellers, Printers, &c., 322 Chandni Chowk St, Delhi [TID99]

CHANDA, T. C.  Manager, Radhanath Press, Printers, Publishers, Stationers, Bookbinders, Stamp-vendors, &c., Lakhimpur [TID99]

CHAND CHURAN MUKERJEE  Manager, Central Press, Dinapur [TID99]

CHANDI CHANDRA ROY  Agent at Delhi, Baij Nath & Bros., Booksellers and Commercial Agents, Delhi [TID99]

CHANDRA NATH MITTRA, Babu  Manager, Government Educational Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 9-12/67, 3-6-9/68]

CHANGKAKOTI, R. N.  Proprietor, Radhanath Press, Printers, Publishers, Stationers, Bookbinders, Stamp-vendors, &c., Lakhimpur [TID99]

CHAPMAN, L. F.  Editor, The South of India Observer, Ootacamund[APA82]

CHARLES & CO.  Booksellers, Hyderabad, Deccan [TID99]

CHARMAN, W.  Overseer, Times of India Press, Church Gate St, Bombay [BAD62]

CHATER, J. William  Editor, The Courier, Madras [MA1800]

CHATTERJEE, A. K., & BROS.  Booksellers, 66 College St, Calcutta [TID99]

CHATTERJEE, Mathuranath  Printer, The New Sanskrit Press, 14 Goa Bagan Street, Calcutta [verso of t.p. to Dharmaniti 1875]

CHATTERJEE, R. P.  Sub-Editor, The Tribune [biweekly newspaper], Lahore [TID99]

CHATTERJEE, T. N.  Printer, Darjeeling Press Co. Ltd., Darjeeling [TID99]

CHATTERJEE, W. C.  Foreman, Government Central Branch Press, Simla [TID99]

CHATTREE, R. D., & CO.  Booksellers, Publishers, Commission Agents, &c., Phullaty Bazar, Agra [TID99]

CHEDA LALL  English Clerk, Government Curator’s Book Depot, Pay Rs. 20, Allahabad [TBD68]

CHESNEY, G. M.  Editor, The Pioneer [daily], 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

CHESSON & WOODHALL  Bookbinders, Bell Lane, and Booksellers, Medow St, Bombay [BAD62]; Booksellers, Bombay [imprint to In memoriam the Rev. William Kew Fletcher 1867]

CHESSON, JAMES  Corrector, The Times Press, Bombay [BNADGR44; BCCGD45 – res. Colabah]; Corrector and Publisher, Bombay Times Press, res. Fort, Bombay [BCGD50]

CHESTROFFE, A.  Compositor, Englishman Press, res. 6 Geeree Baboo’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

CHEW, R. W.  Assistant, Hurkaru Press, Calcutta [BDAR39]; Deputy Publisher, Hurkaru Press, Calcutta [BDAR40]

CHHOTALAL DULLABHJI DESAI  Clerk and Librarian, Samladas College, Kathiawar [TID99]

CHICK, H.  Foreman, Printing Department, Government Press, Pay Rs. 100, Allahabad [NCD62]

CHICK, H. D.  Editor, Oudh Gazette [biweekly – Wed and Sat at Rs. 36 per annum]Lucknow [NCD62]

CHIRAG-UD-DIN  Bookseller, Lahore [CB Punjab 12/71]

CHIRAG SHAH  Printer, Samki Press, Sialkot [CB Punjab 3/71 – name of press also given as Samadi Press]

CHIRANJI LALL KAYASTH  Assistant, Kumaun Printing Works, Almora [TID99]

CHOWDRY, B. B.  Examiner, Government Central Branch Press, Simla [TID99]

CHRISTIAN, C.  Compositor, Bishop’s College Press, res. Bishop’s College Rd, Howrah, Calcutta [NCD62]

CHRISTOPHER, M.  Secundra Press, Agra [DAS57]

CHULTRAI, Sudasheo Kassinath  Depository, Bombay Native Education Society, Bombay [BCA30]

CHUMARA LAL  Assistant, Thakur Prosad Shaw & Co., Printers, Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Table Linen Manufacturers, Dinapur [TID99]

CHUNDER BROTHERS  Suppliers of Printing Materials, 98 Radha Bazar St, Calcutta [TID99]

CHUNDOO RAM & CO.  Proprietors, Blooming Press, Sadar Bazar, Multan [TID99]

CLANCEY, T. J.  Reader, Secundra Press, Agra [DAS57]

CLARIDGE, G., & CO.  Bookbinders, Marine St, Bombay [TID99]

CLARKE, John  Compositor, Auction Company’s Press, res. 17 Kopallitollah Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

CLASSEN, H. P.  Master Bookbinder, Book-Binder’s Office, Government Press, Colombo [CC18]

CLEMENT, P.  Compositor, Military Orphan Press, res. 2 Howe’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

CLEMENTS, F. W.  Assistant, E. J. Lazarus & Co., Benares Medical Hall Press, Benares [TID99]

COCK, C. J.  Superintendent and Printer, Scott’s Press, 53 Cossitollah St, res. 1 Raneemoody Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

COGSWELL, M. J.  Joint-Manager, The Pioneer Press, 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

COLDRICK, J.  Foreman, Columbian Press, Secunderabad, Hyderabad [NCD62]

COLE, A. E. G.  Manager, The ‘Temper’, late I. O. G. T. Press, Printers and Publishers, 100 Mall Road, Meerut [TID99]

COLEMAN, C.  Bookseller, Loll Bazar, Calcutta [CKPOD21]

COLESTON, S. W.  Senior Reader, Pay Rs. 70, Government Press, Allahabad [TID99]

COLLETT, George Smith  Bookseller and Librarian [BCA40]; Bookseller and Agent, Medows St, res. Fort, Bombay [BCCGD45]

COLLETT, George Smith, & CO.  Booksellers, Meadow St, Bombay [BNADGR44; BCCGD45]

COLLIER, Frederick  Assistant, Bengal Printing Company Limited, res. Ballygunge, Calcutta [NCD62]

COLLINS, Dr.  Secretary, Public Library, Darjeeling [NCD62]

COLLINS, William D.  Printer, Oudh Gazette [biweekly – Wed and Sat at Rs. 36 per annum]Lucknow [NCD62]

COLUNDAVULU MUDALIYAR, V.  Assistant Clerk and Librarian, Civil Engineering College, Madras [APA82]

COMBRIDGE, A. J., & CO.  Booksellers, &c., 19 Esplanade Rd, Bombay [TID99]

COMBS, G. S.  Sub-Editor, Moulmein Advertiser, Moulmein [TID99]

CONES & CO.  Lithographers, Printers and Bookbinders, 300 Bow Bazar St, Calcutta [TID99]

CONES, H. J.  Reader, Bengal Secretary’s Printing Press, res. 11 Upper Circular Rd, 24-Pergunnah’s side, Calcutta [NCD62]

CONES, J. J.  Sanders and Cones Printers &c., Loll Bazar, Calcutta [BADAR50]

CONES, Joseph  Proprietor, Sanders, Cones and Co., Printers, Bookbinders, &c., office and res. 23 Lall Bazar St, Calcutta [NCD62]

CONES, W.  Reader, Bengal Secretary’s Printing Press, res. 11 Upper Circular Rd, 24-Pergunnah’s side, Calcutta [NCD62]

CONNELL, George Leonard Ford  Press Reader, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

CONNOLLY, J. A.  Superintendent, The Pioneer Press, 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

CONNOR, D. P. L. C.  Printer, Christian Knowledge Society’s Press, Church Street, Vepery, Madras [imprint to H. Bower, A vocabulary English and Tamil 1852] [ditto imprint to Proceedings of the South India missionary conference 1858]

CONNOR, Jeremiah  Clerk at Mr. Pharaoh’s Library, res. Vepery, Madras [MA39-40]

CONNOR, M. J.  Printer, Adjutant-General’s Printing Press, res. 7 Meredith’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

CONNOR, Mark  Press, Adjutant General’s Office, Simla [DAS57]

CONSTANTINE, M.  Reader, Typographic Department, Government Press, Pay Rs. 35, Allahabad [TBD76]

CONWAY, E. W. S.  Secretary, Bible Depot, Ajmere Gate, Agra [DAS57]

COOK & CO.  Proprietors, Cook & Co. private press, Calcutta [NCD62 – also spelt COOKE]

COOK, T.  Librarian, Station Library, Simla [NCD62]

COOKSON, T., & CO.  Union Press, Mount Rd, Madras [APA62]

COOKSON, T. B.  Reader, Typographic Department, Government Press, Pay Rs. 160, Allahabad [TBD76]

COOPER & COOPER  Bookbinders, Medows St, Bombay [TID99]

COOPER, F. H.  President, The Delhi Institute and Library, Delhi [NCD62]

COOPER, H. R.  Benares Recorder Press, Benares [BADAR50]

COOPER, W., & CO.  Lithographers, Medows St, Bombay [TID99]

COOPUSWAMY NACKER, T., & CO.  Printers, Publishers and Booksellers, 379 Mint St, Black Town, Madras [TID99 – also spelt COOPOOSAWMY and COOPOOSAWMYEKUCKER!]

COORIAN, C.  Proprietor, Western Star [weekly – Saturday evening], Cochin [APA82]

COPE, Henry  Editor, Lahore Ukhbar, Lahore [BADAR50]

CORBETT, W. J.  Senior Reader, Government Press, Pay Rs. 140, Allahabad [TBD68]

CORCORAN, J.  Head Translator, Government Gazette, Agra [DAS57]

CORSTORPHAN, G.  Estate Agent, Agent for the United Government Security Life Assurance Co., and Manager, Simla Times Printing Press, Simla [TID99]

CORY, Col. A.  Editor, Sind Gazette, and Secretary and Treasurer, Sind Gazette and Commercial Press Co. Ltd, 6 Bunder Road, Karachi [TID99]

CORYL, W. T.  Assistant, Titaghar Paper Mills Co. Ltd., Papermakers, Titaghar [TID99]

COTTON, Witham  Manager, Simla Advertiser Press and Hindoostan and Hills Transit Train, Simla [NCD62]

COUSUTOO RAM  Storekeeper, Royal Printing Press, Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar? [TID99]

COVENTRY, W. A.  Librarian, The Thomason College of Civil Engineering, Roorkee [NCD62]

COWAN, J.  Proprietor, Paper Mills, Serampore [NCD62]

COWARD, J.  American Mission Press, Bombay [BCA40]

COWARD & ESPERANCA  Bookbinders and Booksellers, Apollo St, Bombay [BCGD50]

COWASJEE NUSSERWANJEE  Treasurer, Fort Library, Bombay [BAD62]

COWASJEE TEMULJEE  Managing Proprietor, Poona Observer & Civil and Military Journal, Poona [TID99]

COWIE, Rev. W. G.  Secretary, Bareilly Library, Bareilly [NCD62]

COX, H.  Book-Keeper, Mofussilite Press, Agra [DAS57]

COYDE, W. F.  Reader, The Pioneer [daily], The Pioneer Mail [weekly], Pioneer Press, Allahabad [TBD76]; Head Examiner, Government Central Branch Press, and Secretary, St Joseph’s Catholic Young Men’s Society and Library, Simla [TID99]

CRAEN, J. J.  Publisher of Overland Mail [weekly], Chamber of Commerce Price Current [weekly], Madras Mail [daily – evening], 6 North Beach Rd, Madras [APA82]

CRAMER, K. M.  Type Master and Engraver, Type Foundry, Government Press, Colombo [CC18]

CRANENBURGH, P. M.  Joint Superintendent and Printer, Bengal Law Council’s Proceedings [weekly] and monthly], Engineer’s Journal [monthly], Freemason’s Friend [monthly], Quarterly Alphabetical Lists of British and Foreign Residents in Calcutta and MofussilPhotographic Journal [quarterly], Memoirs of the Geological Society [half-yearly], The New Calcutta Directory [annual], Sheet Almanac [at Re. 1-8], Pocket Book and Almanac [at Rs. 2-8], Diaries [of various sizes], Counting House Calendar [at 4 Annas], The Commercial Annual, Bengal Printing Company Ltd, 9 Hastings’ Street, res. 3 Bow Bazar Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

CRAVEN, R.  Printer, Thomason C. E. College Press, Roorkee [DAS57]; Superintendent, Thomason College Press, Roorkee [NCD62]

CRAVEN, Rev. T.  Superintendent, American Methodist Mission Press, Lucknow 1873 [imprint to Henry and his bearer Hindi translation]; Printer, Methodist Publishing House, Steam Printing Works, 6 Waterloo Street, Calcutta 1886 [verso of t.p. in Badley’s Indian missionary directory and memorial volume 3rd ed.]

CRAWFORD, William  Barrister at Law and Editor, Bombay Courier, Bombay [BNADGR44; BCCGD45 – res. Mazagon]

CRAY, J. H.  London Printing Press, res. Zamboorkhana, Lucknow [DLB95]

CRICHTON, Patrick  Printer, Asiatic Mirror, Bankshall Street, Calcutta [OCADC13]; Printer, Asiatic Mirror (Wednesday), Court House St, Calcutta [OCADBR17; BAAD18]; Proprietor, Mirror Press; Printer, Weekly Gleaner, 76 Doomtollah, Calcutta [BDGR24]

CROMPTON, T.  Compositor, Columbian Press, Secunderabad [NCD62]

CROPLEY, J. P.  Publisher, The Madras Courier (Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri a.m.) [MA38]; Proprietor, Union Press, res. Armenian Street, Madras; Publisher, The Examiner (Mon & Thurs a.m.), Madras [MA39]

CROSCADDEN, J.  Head Printer, Courier Press, res. Black Town, Madras [MA40]

CROSCADDEN, J. W.  Printer, Times Press, Bombay [BCCGD45]

CROW, R. F.  Proprietor, Calcutta New Price Current, and General Sworn Broker and Appraiser, Calcutta [OCADBR17]

CROW, R. M.  Printing Assistant, HEIC’s Lithographic Press Office, Old Mint, Calcutta [BDAR38/4thq]

CRUSTNATH RAGOONATHJEE  Secretary, Bombay Benevolent Library, Bombay [BAD62]

CUPPER, A.  Assistant, Government Lithographic Press, Calcutta [CADR31- probably misprint = CAPPER, A.]

CURIEN, V. M.  Head Printer, Cochin Sirkar Press, Cochin State [TID99]

CURRIE, A. Assistant, Government Lithographic Press, Calcutta [CADR31- possibly misprint = CARNIE, A.]

CURSETJEE HORMUSJEE BHICKAJEE  Proprietor, Summachar Press, Bombay [BCCGD45]

CUTTER, O. T.  Superintendent, Public Works Department Printing Press, res. 7 Chowringhee Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]; Printer, Military orphan Press, Calcutta [imprints of annual reports of government departments for 1865]

CYPRIAN  Librarian, Government Curator’s Book Depot, Pay Rs. 40, Allahabad [TBD68]

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