HABIBULLAH  Compositor, Printing Section, Survey of India, Dehra Dun [TID99]

HAFIZ MUHAMMAD  Joint-Proprietor and -Manager, Najam-us-Subub Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 6-12/68]; Manager, Muhammadi Press, Ferozepur [CB Punjab 3/69]

HAJEE AHMED ESSA  Bookseller, Meadow St, Bombay [BCGD50; BAD62]


HAJI MUHAMMAD  Manager, Qadari Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 3/69]; Manager, Muhammadi Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 6/69]; Proprietor, Qadri Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 12/69, 6/70 – name given as HAJI MAHMUD]

HAJI MUHAMMAD  Manager, Muhammadi Press, Peshawar [CB Punjab 6/69]

HAJEE SULLIMAN  Bookseller, Meadow St, Bombay [BAD62]

HAKIMJEE, G. M.  Proprietor, The Frontier Exchange Press, Rawalpindi [TID99]

HAMID HUSSAIN  Press Manager, Jagatjit Club, Kapurthala [TID99]

HAMID UBON SNOW  Partner, Moslem Unique Publishing Co., Publishers of the Gospel of Ahmed, &c., Jubbulpur [TID99]

HAMILTON, Rev. C. D.  Secretary, Public Library, Mhow [NCD62]

HAMILTON, J. A.  Proprietor, Myles, Standish & Co., Booksellers and Stationers, 75 Merchant St, Rangoon [TID99]

HAMPTON, John  Bookseller, Meadow St, Bombay [NBADGR44]; Bookseller and Bookbinder, res. Matoonga, Bombay [BCCGD45]

HANCOCK, H.  Librarian, Mussoorie Library, Mussoorie [NCD62]

HANCOCK, James  Manager, Typographic Department, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

HANLEY, Michael  Assistant Reporter, Hurkaru Press, Calcutta [CADR31]

HAR PERSHAD  Assistant, Lala Baijnath, Bookseller and Publisher, Delhi [TID95]

HARCHARAN DASS  Managing Partner, Bhargova School Book Depot, Lucknow [TID99]

HARCHARAN LAL, B. Assistant, Nihal Chand & Co., General Merchants, Printers, Forwarding Agents, Delhi [TID90]

HARI DAS  Assistant, Ganesh Dass & Co., Booksellers and Commission Agents, Chauk, Benares [TID99]

HARI DAS SEAL  Secretary, Mathur & Co., Druggists, Commission Agents, Printers, Publishers, Order Suppliers and Dealers in Benarusi Ware, Benares [TID99]

HARIDHUN DUTT  Stationer and General Merchant, Mangalore [TID99]

HARI MOHAN  Librarian, Vakils’ Association, North-Western Provinces, Allahabad [TID99]

HARI PADO BANERJEE  Librarian, Public Library, Monghyr [TID99]

HARKISANDAS P. PAREKH  Librarian, Baroda College, Baroda [TID99]

HARNAM SINGH  Librarian, Public Library, Amritsar [TID99]

HAR NARAIN  Manager, Branch Koh-i-Nur Press, Amritsar [CB Punjab 6/69]

HARNARAIN, Munshi  Manager, Gulzar-i-Hind Press, Gurgaon [Cb Punjab 3/69]

HARRADEN, S., & CO.  Music and Musical Instrument Sellers and Repairers, 3 Tank Square, Calcutta [NCD62]

HARRADEN, Samuel  Firm of S. Harraden and Co., Musical Ware-rooms, and Firm of W. Newman and Co., Booksellers, &c., and Firm of Arlington and Co. Hardwaremen, &c., 3 Tank Square, Calcutta, Temp. absent [NCD62]

HARRANCHUNDER MOOKERJEE  Proprietor, Hindu Patriot Press, Bhowaneepore, Calcutta [NCD62]

HARRINGTON, E.  Delhi Gazette Press, Delhi [DAS57]

HARRINGTON, F.  Office Assistant, Pioneer Press, Allahabad [TBD76]; Assistant, The Pioneer Press, 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

HARRINGTON, L.  Junior Reader, Government Press, Pay Rs. 50, Allahabad [TID99]

HARRINGTON, W.  Reader, Delhi Gazette Press, Agra [TBD68]

HARSUKH RAE  Joint-Manager, Ganesh Prakash Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 6/68 – also spelt RAI]; Joint-Proprietor, Ganesh Prakash Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 12/68]; Joint-Proprietor, Zebaish Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 3/71]

HARSUKH RAI, Munshi  Proprietor and Publisher, Koh-i-Nur Press, Editor, Ganj-i-Shaigan [fortnightly law periodical in Urdu – up to No. 20], Lahore [CB Punjab 9-12/67, 3-6-9-12/68, 3-6-9-12/69, 3-6/70, 3/71]

HARSUKH RAI  Manager, Sri Darbar Sahib Pess, Amritsar [BC Punjab 9/68]

HARVEY, A. Storekeeper, Government Press, Pay Rs. 75, Allahabad [TID99]

HASAN KHAN  Proprietor, Hasni Press, Delhi [CB Punjab 3/69, 9/70]

HASHIM, Maulawi  Editor, Khair-ul-mawaiz [Urdu Islamic – anti-Christian – periodical], Delhi [CB Punjab 9/69]

HASSAN, Abraham Compositor, Chronicle Office, Poona [BCGD50]

HATHEROTH, F. F.  Proprietor, Imperial Press, Karachi [BAD62]

HATHEROTH, George John  Proprietor, Imperial Press, Karachi [BAD62]

HATTYDAROO, C. M.  Printer, Seoni [TID99]

HAWES, C. R.  Manager, Methodist Publishing House, Steam Printing Works, Booksellers, Printers and Lithographers, Photo-engravers, Binders and Stationers, Lucknow [TID99]

HAWKEN, J. D.  Bookseller and Stationer, 8 Broadway, Madras [APA62; APA82; TID99 – Black Town – spelt HOWKEN]

HAY, G. C.  Bookseller, 99 Durrumtollah, Calcutta [BDAR39-40]; Depository, Christian Tract and Book Society, Calcutta [BDAR39]

HAY, G. C., & CO.  Booksellers, 50 Cossitollah St [BADAR50]; Bookbinders, Booksellers, Print Sellers, Publishers, &c., United Service Library, 15 Esplanade Row, Calcutta [NCD62]

HAY, Rev. L. G.  Superintendent, Pr3esbyterian Mission Press, Allahabad [imprint to First report of the Centralizing Christian School Book Society … 1853, Allahabad, 1854]

HAYCOCK, W. H.  Printer, Bishop’s College Press, Calcutta [imprint to Report of the transactions of the Native Hospital 1850]

HAYES, R.  Proprietor, Examiner Press, Bangalore [APA82]

HAYES, R. F.  Proprietor and Manager, Daily Post and Examiner Press, Bangalore [TID99]

HAYWARD, T. A.  Church Mission Press, Lalbagh, Lucknow [DLB95]

HEALEY, James  Compositor, John Bull Press, Calcutta [CADR31]

HEATLEY, R.  Printer, Chowringhee, Calcutta [BDGR24]

HEATLY, S. G. T.  Editor and Proprietor, Calcutta Star, 13 Tank Square, res. Garden Reach, Calcutta [BADAR50]; Editor, Delhi Gazette, Delhi [DAS57 – surname spelt HEATLEY]

HEELY, W. L.  Secretary, Library and Reading Room, Cuttack [NCD62]

HEILGERS, F. W., & CO.  Agents, 136 Canning St, Calcutta, for Titaghar Paper Mills Co. Ltd., Papermakers, Titaghar [TID99]

HENRY, Charles  Calcutta School Book Depository, Lower Circular Rd, Calcutta [BADAR50]

HENRY, J. W.  Assistant Secretary, Church Mission Press, Calcutta [BDAR39-40]

HENSMAN, H.  Assistant Editor, The Pioneer [daily], 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

HERA LALL  Manager, Law Press, Old Parade Ground, Cawnpore [TID99]

HERA LAL MULKHONDY  Librarian, Mechanics’ Institute, Asansol [TID99]

HERBERT & CO.  Booksellers, Forbes St, Bombay [BAD62]

HERBERT, J.  Superintendent, Press, O & R Railway, res. Kundahribazar, Lucknow [DLB95]

HEWLETT, Rev. J.  Superintendent, Mirzapore Orphan School Press 1876 [colophon to The transformed island: a narrative of the Pitcairn Islanders Hindi translation]

HEYZER, J. J.  Cinghalese Compositor, Government Press, Colombo [CC18]

HIGGINBOTHAM & CO.  Lithographers, Printers, Publishers, Bookbinders, Booksellers and Stationers, 164-1-2 and 165 Mount Rd, Madras; Booksellers, Stationers, Lithographers, Engravers, &c., South Parade Rd, Bangalore [TID99]

HIGGINBOTHAM, C. H.  Proprietor, Higginbotham & Co., Booksellers, Stationers, Lithographers, Engravers, &c., South Parade Rd, Bangalore [TID99]

HIGGINBOTHAM, J.  Bookseller and Stationer, Depot for Miscellaneous and Fancy Goods, ‘Wexford House’, 18 Poonamallee Rd, Madras [APA62; APA82 – also Bookbinder, Printer – HIGGINBOTHAM AND CO.]

HIGGINBOTTOM, J.  Proofreader, Government Press, Pay Rs. 40, Allahabad [NCD62]; Junior Reader, Secretariat Branch, Government Press, Pay Rs. 45, Allahabad [TRBD68]

HILL, R.  Deputy Superintendent, Government Printing Office, Pay Rs. 500, Thaxted House, Rundall’s Rd, Madras [APA82]

HILLS, H. H.  Assistant to Gordon, Stuart and Co., Merchants, and Secretary, Bengal Hurkaru Newspaper Limited, 6 Church Lane, res. Isherah, and 23 Tank Square, Calcutta [NCD62]

HILT, E. A.  Correspondence Clerk, Government Press, Pay Rs. 80, Allahabad [TID99]

HIRA SINGH  Compositor, Printing Section, Survey of India, Dehra Dun [TID99]

HIRNER, G.  Managing Superintendent, Basel Mission Printing Press, Mangalore [APA82; TID99]

HOBUSCH, E. F.  Press and Treasury, Leipzig Evangelical Lutheran Mission, Tranquebar [APA82]

HODGKINSON, C. B.  Manager, Mysore Government Press, Pay Rs. 200, Bangalore [TID99]

HOE & CO.  Printers, Publishers, Bookbinders and Booksellers, 5 Stringer’s St, Black Town, Madras [TID99]

HOGG & SON  Booksellers, Mount Rd, Madras [MA..]; Publisher, The United Service Gazette [Wed. & Sat. evening], Madras [MA..]

HOGG, James Richard Bookseller, res. Vepery, Madras [MA39-40]

HOGG, William Arthur  Bookseller, res. Vepery, Madras [MA39-40]

HOLCROFT, Villiers  Bookseller, Tank Square, Calcutta [CKPOD21]

HOLGUETTE, J.  Delhi Gazette Press, Delhi [DAS57]

HOLMES, C. F.  Lithographer, Stamp Office, Calcutta [CADR31]

HOOPER, A. P.  Manager, London Printing Press, Litho, Letter-press, Copper-plate, Bookbinding, &c., Lucknow [TID99]

HORE, Mrs. S. E.  Proprietor, Liverpool Press, 7 Edmonstone Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

HORSBURGH, Revd. A.  Secretary, Delhi Institute and Library, Delhi [BD76]

HOSSEIN ALLY  Manager, Commercial Advertiser, Allahabad [TBD76]

HOUSTON, C. J.  Publisher, Madras Advertiser [weekly], Madras [APA82]

HRISHIKESSA BHATTACHARJEE  Librarian, Eastern Bengal State Railway Mechanics’ Institute, Rangpur [TID99]

HUDSON, R.  Proprietor, Columbian Press, Secunderabad [NCD62]

HUGHES, J. O.  Proprietor, Moulmein Advertiser Press, Printers and Publishers, Moulmein [TID99]

HUME, Hamilton  Officiating Assistant Collector of Customs, and Sub-Editor, Indian Empire, res. Garden Reach, Calcutta [NCD62]

HUNGERFORD, William  Reader, Bengal Secretary’s Press, res. 11 Damzen’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

HUNT, P. R.  Superintendent, American Mission Press, Popham’s Broadway, Madras [APA62]

HUNTER & CO.  Proprietors, Hunter & Co. private press, Calcutta [NCD62]

HUNZIKER, F.  Superintendent, Basel Evangelical Mission Printing Establishment, Mangalore [APA62]

HURNARAIN, Munshi  Proprietor and Manager, Central Book Depot, Booksellers, Stationers, Publishers and General Commission Agents, Chauk, Allahabad [TID99]

HURROKISSEN DHUR & CO.  Booksellers, Asiatic Library, 22 Old China Bazar St, Calcutta [NCD62]

HURRY, William Cobb  Editor, Englishman, 1 Garstin’s Place, Calcutta [BADAR50]

HURRYCHUND CRUSTNAJEE  Librarian, The Bombay Mechanics’ Institution, Bombay [BCGD50]

HURRYCHURN DOSS  Printer, Sungbad Probhakur [Bengali daily], Deejoraj [Bengali weekly], The Probhakur Press, 42 Doorgachurn Mitter’s St, Calcutta [NCD62]

HURRY DASS DUTT & CO.  Booksellers, 23 Boseparah, Bagh Bazar, Calcutta [TID99]

HUTCHINS, J.  Printer, C. Smith & Co., Wine and General Merchants, Commission House and Forwarding Agents, Printers and Contractors, Faizabad [TID99]

HUTCHINSON, Mrs J.  Printer, London Missionary Society’s Mission, Surat [BCA40]

HUTCHINSON, J. W.  Bengal Lithographic Press, Calcutta [BDAR39-40]

HUTTMANN, G. H.  Printer, Government Gazette Press, Calcutta [CADR31]; works for the Military Orphan Society, Calcutta Printer, Military Orphan Press [BDAR38/4thq]; Publisher, The Calcutta Courier [evening daily newspaper], The Calcutta Gazette [Wed & Sat evening]; Superintendent, Bengal Military Orphan Press, Mission Row, Calcutta [BDAR39-40]

HYPPOLITE, J. J.  Printer, Exchange Press, Calcutta [CADR31]


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