IBRAHIM ALI  Proprietor, Job Press, Ajmer [TID99]

IGO, E.  Assistant, Government Book Depot, Market St, Rangoon [TID99]

IMAD-UD-DIN, Maulavi  Editor, Haqiq-i-’Irfan [Urdu Christian monthly], Lahore [CB Punjab 9/68, 3/69]


IRVINE, William Robert  Editor, The Conservative, res. Vepery, Madras [MA39]

ISAACSON, H. S.  Assistant, Rangoon Gazette, British Burma Advertiser and Friend of Burma Presses, 78 38th St, Rangoon [TID99]

ISAIAH  Head Printer, Appa Mudelliar Press, Calicut [APA82]

ISSUR CHANDRA KUR  Proprietor, Sottoprokash Press, Backarganj [TID99]

ISSURCHUNDER BIDASAUGORE  Editor, Some Prokas [Bengali weekly], Calcutta [NCD62]

ISSURCHUNDER BOSE & CO.  Lithographic Printers, 182 Bow Bazar St, Calcutta [NCD62]

IZOD, John  Assistant to Wm. Thacker & Co., St. Andrew’s Library, Calcutta [BDGR24]

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