JACKSON, J. W.  Editorial Staff, Rangoon Times [daily], 10 Merchant St, Rangoon [TID99]

JACOB, C. F.  Office Assistant, Pioneer Press, Allahabad [TBD76]

JACOB, Nathan  Copyholder, Bengal Printing Company’s Press, res. 50-1 Champatollah Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

JAFFER HUSSEIN, Sayed  Accountant and Librarian, Delhi Institute, Delhi [TID99]

JAGANATH BHARGAO  Librarian, Public Library, Jaipur [TID99]

JAHANS, A. R.  Assistant, The Pioneer Press, 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

JAHURI LAL DE  Bookseller and Stationer, Bardwan [TID99]

JAI SING  Editor, Risala-i-Anjuman-i-Faizan-i-’Am [Urdu biannual proceedings of the Gujranwala Society], Gujranwala [CB Punjab 6/70]

JAMES, Mrs A. M.  Managing Proprietor, Assam Advertiser, Shillong [TID99]

JAMIESON, John  Managing Proprietor, Bombay Times, Bombay [BNADGR44]

JAMIESON, John, & CO.  Booksellers, Times Office, Marine St, Bombay [BNADGR44]; Booksellers and Agents to the Egyptian Transit Company [BCCGD45]

JAMSED & CO.  Booksellers, Stationers and Newsagents, Karachi [TID99]

JAMSETJEE JAMASJEE  Bookbinder, Forbes St, Bombay [BAD62]

JANSZ, D. G.  Supernumerary, Book-Binder’s Office, Government Press, Colombo [CC18]

JANSZ, Solomon  Bookbinder, Book-Binder’s Office, Government Press, Colombo [CC18]

JAWAD SHAH, Saiyid  Printer, Koh-i-Nur Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 3/71]

JAWALA SAHAYA, Munshi  Manager, Matba’-ul-’Ulum, Sohana, dist. Gurgaon [CB 9/67 – SOHAYA]; Proprietor, Matba’-ul-’Ulum, Sohana, dist. Gurgaon [CB Punjab 12/67, 3/69 – name spelt JOWALA SAHAI]

JEAN, Christian  Head Writer, Male Asylum Press, res. John Pereira’s, Madras [MA39-40]

JEEJEEBHOY BYRAMJEE  Printer, Bombay Courier, res. Dady’s Agiary, Bombay [BCCGD45]

JEEWAKHAN, N. Bin  Booksellers, Bhendy Bazar, Bombay [BAD62]

JENKINS, LOW & CO.  Proprietors, Loll Bazar Press; Publishers, The Loll Bazar Daily Advertiser, Calcutta [BDAR38/4thq]

JERVIS, W.  Office Assistant, Pioneer Press, Allahabad [TBD76 – perhaps to be identified with the following?]

JERVIS, William  Assistant, Bengal Prtinting Company Limited, res. 24 Cossitollah St, Calcutta [NCD62]

JEWELL, J. A.  Assistant, Sanders, Cones and Co. Printers, &c., res. 5 St. James’ St, Calcutta [NCD62]

JHANDA SINGH  Joint-Proprietor, Khurshaid Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 6/68]; Manager, Khurshaid Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 3/69]

JIWAN SINGH  Manager, J. S. Anglo-Indian Co., Publishers, Manufacturers, General Commission Agents, Contractors, Suppliers to H. M.’s Imperial Government, Proprietor of  ‘A. Singson’s Inks’, ‘Hair Dye’, &c., nr. Clock Tower, Amritsar [TID99]

JNANENDRANATH BASU  Partner, Freeman & Co., Printers, Publishers, Stationers, &c., The Tara Printing Works, Benares [TID99]

JODUNATH BOSE  Secretary, Sylhet Public Library [established 1861], Sylhet [NCD62]

JOEL  Bookbinder, Columbian Press, Secunderabad, Hyderabad [NCD62]; Bookbinder, Charles’ St, Secunderabad [APA82]

JOGENDRA NATH GHOSH  Assistant, Government Central Branch Press, Simla [TID99]

JOGESH CHANDRA DAS GUPTA  Secretary, Pleaders’ Library, Rangpur [TID99]

JOGESH CHANDRA SARKAR  Partner, Bardwan Press, Bardwan [TID99]

JOGJIVAN SINGH  Assistant, Thakur Prosad Shaw & Co., Printers, Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Table Linen Manufacturers, Dinapur [TID99]

JOHANNES, Jacob  Merchant, General Agent, and Proprietor, Oudh Gazette [bi-weekly – Wed and Sat at Rs. 36 per annum], Lucknow [NCD62]

JOHN, F. A.  Senior Compositor, The Pioneer [daily], The Pioneer Mail [weekly], Pioneer Press, Allahabad [TBD76]

JOHNSON, A. D.  Manager, North West Messenger, Academy, Agra [DAS57 – probably = Arthur D.]

JOHNSON, Arthur D.  Agra Press, Agra [BDAR40]

JOHNSON, John  Printer, Star Press [OCADC13]; Printer and Proprietor, Oriental Star (Saturday), Grant’s Lane, Calcutta [OCADBR17]

JOHNSON, P.  Secundra Orphan Press, Agra [DAS57]

JOHNSON, R.  Publisher, South India Temperance Union Journal, Madras [MA39]

 JOHNSON, W.  Librarian, Public Library, Amritsar [TID99]

JOHNSTON, J.  Head Printer, Thomason College Press, Roorkee [NCD62]

JOHNSTON, W. L.  Publisher, Madras Roman Catholic Expositor [monthly], Madras [MA39]

JOLLY, D. E.  Compositor, Bengal Secretary’s Printing Press, res. 4 Nulpooker Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

JONES, A. M.  Secretary, Superintendent, Lawrence Asylum Press, Printers, Binders, Gilders, &c., Ootacamund [TID99]

JONES, C. W.  Assistant, Scotsman Office, Calcutta [BDGR24]

JONES, E.  Printer, The Calcutta Review [quarterly], Indian Annals of Medical Science [half-yearly], Metropolitan Press (R. C. Lepage & Co.), Calcutta [NCD62]

JONES, E.  Supplier of Printing Materials, 5-6 British Indian St [TID99]

JONES, Erasmus  Superintendent, Metropolitan Press, res. 61-1 Cossitollah St, Calcutta [NCD62]

JONES, M.  Printer, Printing Establishment, Adjutant General’s Office for the Honorable Company’s Troops, No. 5 Camac St, Calcutta [CADR31]

 JONES, T. E.  Reader, Civil and Military Gazette Press, Publishers, The Civil and Military Gazette and Punjab Record, Printers to the Punjab Government, &c., Lahore [TID99]

JONES, W.  Superintendent, Government Central Branch Press, Simla [TID99]

JORDAN, T. W.  Manager, Eclipse Press, Negapatam [APA82]

JORDEN, J. E.  Printer, American Presbyterian Mission Press, Allahabad [DAS57 – only one initial J. given,  NCD62]

JORDON, H. A.  Assistant, Head Office in India of A. H. Wheeler & Co., Advertising Contractors for Indian Railways and Railway Bookstall Proprietors, Elgin Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

JOSHUA, L.  Bookbinder, Mangalore [APA82]

JOTENDRANATH MUKERJI  Assistant, Kashipur Press, Backarganj [TID99]

JOWAHIR LALL, Hukeem  Printer, Educational Press, Etawah [t.p. of Hindee version of the Indian Penal Code … 1861]

JUDGE, P. G. L.  Editor, Darjeeling Standard, Darjeeling [TID99]

JUGAL KISHORE  Agent, Banking Branch, Newal Kishore Press, Lucknow [TID99]

JUGGOBUNDO SEIN  Officiating Librarian, Public Library, Backergunge [NCD62]

JYOTISH CHUNDER MITRA  Proprietor, N. C. Datta & Co., Booksellers, &c., Gya [TID99]


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