KACKER BROS.  Booksellers and Publishers, Agra [TID99]

KACKER, S. N.  Assistant, Kacker Bros., Booksellers and Publishers, Agra [TID99] 

KALEECHUNDER ROY CHOWDRY  Proprietor, Rungpore Barta Baho Press, Rangpur [NCD62]

KALEE CHUNDER SUNDIL  Librarian, Anundonath Public Library [established 1854], Rajshahi [NCD62]

KALEY KHAN  Despatcher, Government Curator’s Book Depot, Pay Rs. 30, Allahabad [TBD68]

KALI CHARAN MITRA  Partner, Freeman & Co., Printers, Publishers, Stationers, &c., The Tara Printing Works, Benares [TID99]

KALI CHURN  Cashier, Methodist Publishing House, Steam Printing Works, Booksellers, Printers and Lithographers, Photo-engravers, Binders and Stationers, Lucknow [TID99]

KALIDAS MITRA  Partner, Freeman & Co., Printers, Publishers, Stationers, &c., The Tara Printing Works, Benares [TID99]

KALIDAS PALIT  Librarian, Berhampore Public Library, Berhampore [NCD62]

KALI PADO BANERJEE  Proprietor, Adarsha Press, Backarganj [TID99]

KALI PODO BOSE  Secretary, Lyall Library, Town Hall, Meerut [TID99]

KALKA PERSHAD  Assistant, Allahabad School Book Depot, Chauk (east of Octroi Office), Allahabad [TID99]

KALYANARAM IYER, V.  Bookseller and Publisher, Esplanade Row, Madras [TID99]

KAMTA PARSHAD  Assistant, Central Book Depot, Booksellers, Stationers, Publishers and General Commission Agents, Chauk, Allahabad [TID99]

KANEHYA LAL  Assistant, Ram Narain Lal, Bookseller, Publisher and Stationer, 184 Katra Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

KANHAIYA MULL, B.  Manager, Gulab Singh Press, Lucknow [TID99]

KANHAYA LAL  Proprietor, Gyan Press, Rahmatgurh [CB Punjab 12/68]

KANHYA LAL  Secretary, Kayastha Trading Co., Booksellers, Stationers, Publishers and General Merchants, Ajmer [TID99]

KANHYA LAL  Superintendent, Gyan Press, Ludhiana [CB Punjab 6/70]

KARAM ILAHI, Munshi  Joint-Editor, Risala-i-Anjuman-i-Panjab [Urdu proceedings of the Lahore Society], Lahore [CB Punjab 9/68]; Editor, Risala-i-Anjuman-i-Isha’t-i-Mataleb-i-Mufida-i-Panjab [Urdu monthly proceedings of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in the Punjab] [CB Punjab 3/69, 6/69 – name spelt KARAM ELAHI – 9/69 – KARM ILAHI – 12/69, 3-9/70]

KARANI, M. Jehangir B.  Booksellers, &c., 39 Bazar Gate St, Bombay [TID99]

KARANI, N. B.  Booksellers, &c., Dhobi Talao, Bombay [TID99]

KARAN SINGH  Assistant, J. S. Anglo-Indian Co., Publishers, Manufacturers, General Commission Agents, Contractors, Suppliers to H. M.’s Imperial Government, Proprietor of  ‘A. Singson’s Inks’, ‘Hair Dye’, &c., nr. Clock Tower, Amritsar [TID99]

KAREEM BUKHSH  Proprietor, Soucar Jaffery Press, Golaganj, Lucknow [DLB95]

KARMAKAR, Sumant Vishnu.  The Bombay Guardian, Anglo-Vernacular Press, 36 Bank Street, New Nagpada, Bombay [advertisement in Badley’s Indian missionary directory and memorial volume 3rd ed.]

KARTA KISHAN, Col.  Superintendent of Jail and Press, Maharaja of Bhartpur, Bhartpur [TID99]

KASHI PERSHAD  Charging Clerk, Government Press, Pay Rs. 75, Allahabad [TID99]

KASHI PERSHAD CHOUBEY  Manager, Union Press Co. Ltd, Jubbulpur [TID99]

KASHI SHAW  Assistant, Thakur Prosad Shaw & Co., Printers, Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Table Linen Manufacturers, Dinapur [TID99]

KASIDOSS MITTER  Printer, Kashibarta Prokasika, Benares? [NCD62]

KASSEENATH DAY  Proprietor, Kasseenath Day’s Press, 63 Emaumbarry Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

KAULLY, G. P. R., & CO.  Proprietors, Royal London Press, 20 Sakaree Tollah Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

KAVORKE, Isaiah  Purveyor & Librarian, Armenian Philanthropic Institution [founded 1821], Calcutta [BDAR39]

KEAN, Edward  Printer, Bombay [BNADGR44]; Publisher, Bombay Gazette, res. Fort, Bombay [BCGD50]; Press Reader, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Bellasis Rd, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

KEDAR NATH BANERJEE  Bookseller, 105 Lower Chitpore Rd, Calcutta [TID99]

KEDAR NATH KAR  Bookseller, Backarganj [TID99]

KEDAR NATH RAY  Superintendent of Printing, Benaili Estate (Raja Padmanand Singh Bahadur), Bhagalpur [TID99]

KEDLEY, G.  Assistant, G. F. Watling, Cabinetmaker, Contractor, Coach Builder, Forwarding Agent, Auctioneer and Printer, Dinapur [TID99]

KEEFE, Thomas  Schoolmaster and Librarian, Pensioners’ Home, Grant Rd, Bombay [BAD62]

KEFFORD, W. E.  Assistant, Titaghar Paper Mills Co. Ltd., Papermakers, Titaghar [TID99]

KELLY, G. H. M.  Head Assistant, Rangoon Gazette, British Burma Advertiser and Friend of Burma Presses, 78 38th St, Rangoon [TID99]

KELLY, Michael  Education Society’s Press, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

KEMP, E. C.  Proprietor and Editor, Bengal Times, Dacca [TID99]

KEMP, F. B.  Secretary, Public Library, Backergunge [NCD62]

KEMP, Robert  Overseer, Bombay Gazette Press, Colaba, Bombay [BAD62]

KENNEDY, John  Compositor, Military Department Printing Press, Calcutta [NCD62]

KENNEDY, W.  Printer, Lawrence Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 9/67]; Proprietor, Lawrence Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 12/67, 3-6-9-12/68, 3-6/69]

KENT, H. P., & CO.  Lithographers, Printers, Bookbinders and Booksellers, 1-5 Council House St, Calcutta [TID99]

KERR, James  Compositor, Times Office, Bombay [BNADGR44]

KESHAVA DAS  Editor, Mawaiz-i-Uqba [Urdu Christian monthly – Nos. 7-10], and Manager, Taj-ul-Matba’, Delhi [CB Punjab 3/68]

KEYS, Charles  Bookseller, Calcutta [CADR31]

KEYS, E.  Superintendent, Government Printing Office, Publisher of Fort St George [weekly – Wednesday evening], Pay Rs. 700, Gantz Rd, Perambore, Madras [APA82]

KHAIR DIN, M.  Bill Clerk, Punjab Government Press, Pay Rs. 75, Lahore [TID99]


KHANCHAND RAHUMAL  Editor, Sind Times and Sind Sudhar, Sind Gazette and Commercial Press Co. Ltd, 6 Bunder Road, Karachi [TID99]

KHEMRAJ SHRIKRISHNO DAS  Booksellers, &c., Khetwady, Bombay [TID99]

KHETTER MOHUN BIDARUTNO BHATTACHARJEE  Editor and Proprietor, Sungbad Bhaskur [Bengali triweekly – Tues, Thurs and Sat. at Rs. 8 per annum in advance or Re. 1 per month], Sungbad Bhaskar Press, 9-6 Sobha Bazar, Balakhana St, Calcutta [NCD62]

KHUDA BUKHSH  Proprietor, Oudh Star Press, Husainganj, Lucknow [DLB95]

KHODA BUKSH KHAN BAHADUR, Moulvi  Secretary, Oriental Public Library, Patna [TID99]

KHODA BUX  Foreman, Simla Courier Press, Simla [TID99]

KING, J. T.  Warehouseman, Secundra Orphan Press, Agra [DAS57]

KING, R.  Compositor, Bishop’s College Press, and Clerk, Bishop’s College Chapel, res. 9 Bishop’s College Rd, Howrah, Calcutta [NCD62]

KING, Thomas John  Printer, Calcutta [NCD62]

KINGHAM, J. L.  Printer, Foreign Department Printing Press, res. 6 Emambaug 2nd Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

KINGSMILL, James  Head Press Reader, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

KIRKE, John  Librarian, Station Library, Belgaum [BAD62]

KISHEN CHAND  Assistant, Royal Printing Press, Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar? [TID99]

KISHORI LAL  Foreman, Royal Printing Press, Printers, Publishers and Bookbinders, Lucknow [TID99]

KISTNA IYER, N.  Manager, Greaves, Cookson & Co.’s Printing Press, Tanjore [TID99]

KISTOCOOMAR SEAL  Honorary Secretary, Vernacular Library, Dacca [NCD62]

KISTOPROSAD GHOSE  Printer, Sungbad Bhaskur [Bengali triweekly – Tues, Thurs and Sat. at Rs. 8 per annum in advance or Re. 1 per month], Sungbad Bhaskar Press, 9-6 Sobha Bazar, Balakhana St, Calcutta [NCD62]

KNIGHT, J. D.  Foreman, Foreign Department Printing Press, res. 3 Zigzag Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

KNIGHT, James B  General Manager, Firm of S. Harraden and Co., Musical Instrument Sellers, &c., and Manager, Firm of W. Newman and Co., Booksellers and Stationers, &c., 3 Tank Square, res. 1 Hoomayoon Place, Calcutta [NCD62]

KNIGHT, Robert  Editor, Times of India, Colaba, Bombay [BAD62]

KOHLHOFF, D. F.  Librarian, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Depository, 17 Church Rd, Vepery, Madras [APA82]

KOONJ BEHAREE LALL  Librarian, Government Secretariat, Allahabad [TBD68-76]

KOONJOLALL DEY & CO.  Bookbinders, 15 Neemoo Gosain’s Lane, Calcutta [TID99]

KOROSI, Alexander Csoma  Librarian, Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta [BDAR39]

KOSTER, P. H.  Assistant Compositor and Pressman, Government Press, Colombo [CC18]

KO YAH GYAW  Editor, Mandalay Times, Mandalay [TID99]

KRAPF, F.  Assistant Superintendent, Printing, Publishing and Book and Tract Depository, Basel Evangelical Mission, Mangalore [APA82]

KRISHNA DHON MAZUMDAR  Superintendent of Press, Maharaja of Durbhunga, Pay Rs. 75, Durbhunga [TID99]

KRISHNAMA CHARIAR, V.  Curator of Government Books, Pay Rs. 200, Black Town, Madras [APA82]

KRISHNA RAO, M.  Proprietor, City Circulating Library, Mangalore [TID99]

KRISHNASAWMY IYER, M. R. Ry. P.  Librarian, Madras Literary Society, Madras [APA82]

KRISHNIAH, V.  Managing Proprietor, Bangalore Book Depot Press, Bangalore [TID99]

KRISHNO GOBIND DASS  Librarian, Public Library and Reading Room [established 1856], Rungpore [NCD62]

KRISTNAMA CHARIAR, V.  Curator of Government Books, Government Central Book Depot, Old College, Madras [APA82]

KRISTO CHANDRA CHANDRA  Miscellaneous Depot and Bookseller, Jessore [TID99]

KUHN, A. E.  Editor, The Commercial Advertiser, Dinapore, Calcutta [BDAR39-40]

KUNDAN LAL  Librarian, The Lyall Library and Reading Room, Town Hall, Meerut [Meerut handbook and directory 1911/12]


 KUNNIA LALL  Accountant, Delhi Gazette Press, Agra [TBD76]

KUNNIAH LALL Printer, Delhi Gazette Press, Delhi [imprint to Reports of the Vernacular Translation Society for the year 1845 1845; DAS50/54/55; imprint to Saunders’ monthly magazine for all India Vol. II 1853]

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