NABI BAKSH  Reader, Methodist Publishing House, Steam Printing Works, Booksellers, Printers and Lithographers, Photo-engravers, Binders and Stationers, Lucknow [TID99]

NADKARNY & CO.  Booksellers, &c., Thacordwar Pallow Rd, Bombay [TID99]

NAEGAMVALA, D. J.  Proprietor, Jamsed & Co., Booksellers, Stationers and Newsagents, Karachi [TID99]

NAEGELI, C. S.  Englishman Office, Garstin’s Place, Calcutta [BADAR50]

NAGENDRA NATH GUPTA  Editor, The Tribune [biweekly newspaper], Lahore [TID99]

NAJIB KHAN  Proprietor, Akbari Press, Delhi [CB Punjab 9/70]

NAKUL CHANDRA SEN  Clerk, Printing Department, Office of Chief Commissioner of Assam, Pay Rs. 50, Shillong [TID99]

NANABHOY SORABJEE  Treasurer, Mazagon Library, Bombay [BAD62]

NANDE, D. C.  Examiner, Printing Department, Office of Chief Commissioner of Assam, Pay Rs. 80, Shillong [TID99]

NANHU LALL  Librarian, Mayo Memorial Library, Mirzapur [TID99]

NAQUI AHMED, Syed  Partner, Moslem Unique Publishing Co., Publishers of the Gospel of Ahmed, &c., Jubbulpur [TID99]

NARAIN, B.  Assistant, Sen & Co., Imperial Medical Hall, Chemists, Druggist, Printers, Publishers, &c., Delhi [TID95]

NARAIN DAS RAJARAM & CO.  Agents, Surat City Press Co. Ltd, Surat [TID99]

NARAIN DASS  Partner, Bhargava Press Co., Booksellers and Publishers, Cawnpore [TID99]

NARAIN ROW  Head Examiner, Mysore Government Press, Pay Rs. 50, Bangalore [TID99]

NARAINSAWMY MOODELLIAR, A., & CO.  Vernacular Printers to the H.H. The Nizam’s State Railway, Engineers, Artists, Photographers, Lithographers, Printers, Stationers, Booksellers, &c., Hyderabad [APA82]

NARAIN SWAMY NAIDOO, N.  Proprietor, Imperial Printing Press, and Publisher of the Commercial Advertiser, Jubbulpur [TID99]

NARASIAH, D.  Publisher, The People’s Friend [weekly], Madras [APA82]

NARAYAN SINGH  Joint-Proprietor, Khurshaid Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 6/68]

NARO RAMCHUNDER THUKUR  Acting Superintendent, The Poona Sanscrit College Press, Poona [BCGD50]

NARRAINSAWMY MOODELLY, P. R.  Librarian, Madras Medical College, Madras [APA82]

NASSEER KHAN  Librarian, Agra College, Agra [NCD62]

NATCHELL, William  Press Reader, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Albion Place, Chinchpoogly, Bombay [BAD62]

NATION, S.  Managing Proprietor, Delhi Advertiser, Delhi [BD76]; Proprietor, Delhi Exchange, Wine and General Merchants, Auctioneers and Commission Agents (Publishers the Delhi Advertiser) [BD80]

NAUGHTON, W.  Senior Reader, Government Press, Pay Rs. 160, Allahabad [TID99]

NAVAL KISHORE, Munshi  Press, &c. Proprietor, res. Huzratgunj, Lucknow [DLB95]; Proprietor, Educational Book Depot, Nagpur [TID99]

NAVIN CHANDRA RAI, Babu  Editor, Gyan Pradayani [or Pardaini][Patrika] [Hindi and Urdu – later Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu – Hindu monthly], Lahore [BC Punjab 12/67, 3-6-9-12/68, 3-6-9-12/69, 3-9-12/70 – name spelt NOVIN CHANDRA RAI – 9/71, 3-9/72]

NEOGY BROS. & CO.  Printers, Publishers, Contractors, &c., Wace Rd, Bhagalpur [TID99]

NEPHEW, Charles & CO.  Print Sellers, 11 Old Court House St, Calcutta [NCD62]

NERIUS, C. F.  Copyholder, Foreign Department Printing Press, res. 11 Damzen’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

NETTROLALL DEY & CO.  Lithographers, 1 Old Court House St, Calcutta [TID99]

NEUBERG, John  Overseer of Bookbinders, Bombay Education Society’s Press, Byculla, Bombay [BAD62]

NEWMAN & CO.  Booksellers, Stationers, Circulating Library, No. II Commercial Row, Darjeeling [TID99]

NEWMAN, W., & CO.  Bookbinders, Booksellers, Publishers, Stationers, &c., Metropolitan Library, 3 Tank Square, Calcutta [NCD62]; Lithographers, Bookbinders and Booksellers, 4 Dalhousie Square, Calcutta [TID99]

NICHOLAS, John Baptist  Foreman Printer, Exchange Gazette Press, res. 23 Mahomed Crescent Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

NICHOLLS, Alfred G.  Assistant, R. C. Lepage and Co., Booksellers, res. 10 Sooterkin’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

NICHOLLS, William  Assistant, R. C. Lepage and Co., Booksellers, res. 10 Sooterkin’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

NICHOLS, Rev. C. A.  Superintendent, Sgaw Karen Press, Bassein [TID99]

NICKER  Printer, Government Gazette Press, Bombay [BCCGD45]

NIHAL CHUND & CO.  General Merchants, Printers, Forwarding Agents, Delhi [TID90]; Printers, General Merchants, Commission and Forwarding Agents, Delhi [TID95/99]

NILAMBER MOOKERJEE  Printer, Rungpore Barta Baho Press, Rangpur [NCD62]

NILMONEY DHUR  Miscellaneous Depot and Bookseller, Jessore [TID99]

NILMONY HALDAR & CO.  Suppliers of Printing Materials, 106 Radha Bazar St, Calcutta [TID99]

NIRANJAN NATH, Pundit  Manager, Marwar State Press, Jodhpur [TID99]

NIZAM-UD-DIN, Munshi  Joint-Editor, Risala-i-Anjuman-i-Panjab [Urdu monthly proceedings of the Lahore Society], Lahore [CB Punjab 9/68]; Manager, Akhbari Press, Delhi [CB Punjab 3/69]; Editor, Risala-i-Anjuman-i-Panjab [Urdu monthly proceedings of the Lahore Society], Lahore [CB Punjab 12/69, 6-9/71 – name also given as MIAN NIZAM-UD-DIN – 12/71, 3-6-9/72]

NOBINCHUNDER GHOSE & CO.  Lithographic Printers, 23 Loll Bazar St, Calcutta [NCD62]

NONDOCOOMAR COBERUTNA  Editor, Nittodharmanoounjeeka [Bengali monthly at rs. 3 per annum], and Proprietor, Nittodhor Morunjeeka Press, 12 Mundel St, Calcutta [NCD62 – also spelt NUNDOCOOMAR]

NONI GOPAL GHOSE  Librarian, Asansol Public Library, Asansol [TID99]

NOOR DIN  Writer, Royal Printing Press, Jammu & Kashmir, Srinagar? [TID99]

NOOR KHAN  Duftery and Bookbinder, Dacca [NCD62]

NORMAN, S. L., & CO.  Booksellers, &c., Church Gate St, Bombay [TID99]

NOTON, B.  Superintendent of the Library, Literary Society of Bombay, Bombay [BCR16]

NOWROJEE DORABJEE CHANDAROO  Editor, Chabook, res. Cowasjee Patell St, Bombay [BCCGD45]

NUKELESWAR CHATTERJEE  Assistant, Kashipur Village Public Library, Backarganj [TID99]

NUR-UD-DIN  Manager, Matba’-i-Nur, Lahore [CB Punjab 9/67]; Proprietor, Matba’-i-Nur, Lahore [CB Punjab 3-6-9/68, 3-6/69, 3/71]

NUTTHU BEG, Mirza  Manager, Koh-i-Nur Press, Lahore [CB Punjab 6-9/68 – name also spelt NATHU]

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