TANDY, J. B.  Agra Press [BDAR39]; Manager, Agra Press, Agra [BDAR40]

TARA BILAS NEOGY  Proprietor and Manager, Neogy Bros. & Co., Printers, Publishers, Contractors, &c., Wace Rd, Bhagalpur [TID99]

TARA CHAND, Padri  Editor, Mawaiz-i-Uqba [Urdu Christian monthly – no. 11 onwards], Delhi [CB Punjab 6/68]

TARAK CHANDRA DUTT  Superintendent of Printing, Benaili Estate (Raja Padmanand Singh Bahadur), Bhagalpur [TID99]

TARAPOREWALLA, D. B., SONS & CO.  Booksellers, &c., Medows St, Bombay [TID99]

TARKALANKAR, Harish Chandra  Printer and Publisher, The Sanskrit Press, No. 1 College Square, Calcutta [imprint to Nitisiksha 1857]

TASSIN, J. B.  Lithographic Draftsman, Calcutta [CADR31 – initial A.]; Draftsman, Mapmaker & Lithographer, Calcutta [BDAR39-40]

TAWKER, T. N.  Partner, Sandananda Tawker & Co., Booksellers, Publishers and Commission Agents, Trichinopoly [TID99]

TAWKER SADANANDA & CO.  Booksellers, Esplanade Row, Madras [TID99 – see also SANDANANDA TAWKER & CO.]

TAYLOR, G. B.  Proprietor, Hope Press, Benares [NCD62]

TAYLOR, J.  Secundra Orphan Press, Agra [DAS57]

TEMPLE, B.  Sub-Editor, The Pioneer [daily], 14 Church Rd, Allahabad [TID99]

TERTRO  Assistant, Myles, Standish & Co., Booksellers and Stationers, 75 Merchant St, Rangoon [TID99]

TEWARI, D. L.  Book Agent, Bangalore [TID99]

THACKER & CO.  Booksellers, &c., Esplanade Road, Bombay [TID99]

THACKER, William, & CO.  Bookseller & Stationer, Loll Bazar, Calcutta [BDGR24]; Publisher & Bookseller, St. Andrew’s Library, 1 Old Court House St, Calcutta; Publisher, The Christian Observer (monthly), Calcutta [BDAR38/4thq]

THACKER, William Hovendon  Manager, Thacker, Spink and Co., Booksellers, &c., res. 4 Government Place, Calcutta [NCD62]

THACKER, SPINK & CO.  Booksellers, Print Sellers, Publishers, Stationers, &c., St. Andrew’s Library, 4 Government Place, Calcutta [NCD62]; Lithographers, Printers, Bookbinders and Booksellers, 5-6 Government Place North, Calcutta [TID99]

THACKER, VINING & CO.  Booksellers, Rampart Row, Bombay [BAD62]

THAKUR PROSAD SHAW & CO.  Printers, Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Table Linen Manufacturers, Dinapur [TID99]

THAPUR, J. N.  Editor, The Punjab Times and Egerton Press, Rawalpindi [TID99]

THAPUR, J. R.  Manager, The Punjab Times and Egerton Press, Rawalpindi [TID99]

THAPUR, N.D., BROS.  Proprietors, The Punjab Times and Egerton Press, Rawalpindi [TID99]

THAROSE, Moonshee  Proprietor, Nuzma Shahabad Press, 4-5 Nazir Nujeeboollah’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

THEODORE, Saviel  Compositor, Bengal Hurkaru Printing Press, res. 29 Blackburn’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

THEOPHILUS, Rev. A.  Superintendent of Colporteurs, Madras Auxiliary Bible Society, Cassemode, Madras [APA82]

THOBURN, Rev. D. L.  Agent, Methodist Publishing House, Steam Printing Works, Booksellers, Printers and Lithographers, Photo-engravers, Binders and Stationers, Lucknow [TID99]

THOMAS, A. F.  Lithographer, Fort St, Bombay [TID99]

THOMAS, Henry  Assistant Printer, Rangoon Times [biweekly], Times Commercial Advertiser [daily gratis], Rangoon Times Press, Rangoon [NCD62]

THOMAS, Rev. J.  Superintendent, Baptist Mission Press, Lower Circular Rd, Calcutta [BADAR50]

THOMAS, Rev. J. Davies  Superintendent, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge Press, 18 Church Rd, Vepery, Madras [APA82]

THOMAS, J. P.  Bookbinder, Baptist Mission Press, res. Entally, Middle Rd, Calcutta [NCD62]

THOMAS, William  Superintendent [appointed 1st January 1861], Military Male  Orphan Asylum Press, Madras [APA62]

THOMAS, William M.  Printer, Baptist Mission Press, 21 Lower Circular Rd, Town side, res. 35 Creek Row, Calcutta [NCD62]

THOMPSON & CO.  Publishers, Bookbinders and Booksellers, 159 Popham’s Broadway, Black Town, Madras [TID99]

THOMPSON, B. W.  Editor, Express, Kaisarbagh, res. Shahnujuf Road, Lucknow [DLB95]

THOMPSON, G.  Compositor, Columbian Press, Secunderabad (Deccan) [NCD62]

THOMPSON, H.  Reader, Delhi Gazette Press, Agra [TBD68]

THOMSON, J. G.  Assistant, R. C. Lepage and Co., Booksellers, res. Ballygunge, Calcutta [NCD62]

THORPE, J. M.  Managing Proprietor, Station Press, Bulletin & Daily Advertiser, Simla [TID99]

THORPE, R. W.  Superintendent, Vepery Mission Press, res. Vepery, Madras [MA39-40]; ditto 1843 [imprint of Report on the medical topography and statistics of the Centre Division of the Madras Army …]

THOS. KASSIM ALEE  Lithographic Press, Delhi [NCD62]

THUNGAVALU MUDELIAR  Proprietor, V. N. Press, Arcot (Vellore?) [TID99]

TINCOWRI DAS  Manager, Bardwan Press, Bardwan [TID99]

TISSENDIE, L. C.  Secretary, Bancoorah Public Library [established 1856], Bankura [NCD62]

TOBIAS, H.  Compositor, Bengal Printing Co.’s Press, res. 9-4-1 Zigzag Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

TOMKINSON, J.  Teacher and Librarian, Theological Seminary and Normal School, Civil Lines, Bareli [TID99]

TOMKYNS, G.  Reader, Typographic Department, Government Press, Pay Rs. 115, Allahabad [TBD76]

TOMLINSON, J.  Librarian, Kurrachee General Library, Karachi [BAD62]

TONSON, H.  4th Writer, HEIC’s Lithographic Press Office, Old Mint, Calcutta [BDAR38/4thq-39-40 – spelt Tenson]; Company’s Lithographic Press, Calcutta [BADAR50]

TOOLA SINGH MOODELIAR, B.  Head Accountant, Mysore Government Press, Pay Rs. 50, Bangalore [TID99 – also spelt TOOLSING MOODLR.]

Central Bch. Press, Mysore [TID99]

TORRANCE, Rev. J.  Press Superintendent, Free Church of Scotland Mission Boys’ Orphanage and Industrial School, Poona [TID99]

TOUNDORFF, F. T. R.  Assistant Typefounder, Government Press, Pay Rs. 200, Allahabad [NCD62]

TOUTIN, Mon.  Principal Government Printer, Pondicherry [BCCGD45]

TOVACK, Ino.  Printer, Secunderabad [BCCGD45]

TOWNLEY, G.  Proprietor, Simla Courier Press, Simla [TID99]

TOWNSEND, E. T.  Assistant, Poona Observer & Civil and Military Journal, Poona [TID99]

TOWNSEND, Henry  Superintendent, Bishop’s College Press, Calcutta [BDGR24]

TOWNSEND, Meredith W.  Editor, Friend of India [weekly – Thurs at Rs. 20 per annum in advance or Rs. 2 per month], and Manager, The Serampore Press, Serampore [NCD62]

TRAILL & CO.  Lithographers, Printers, Bookbinders and Suppliers of Printing Materials, 20 British Indian St, Calcutta [TID99]

TRESHMAN, C. F.  Assistant, Rangoon Gazette, British Burma Advertiser and Friend of Burma Presses, 78 38th St, Rangoon [TID99]

TRESIDER, J.  Paper Mills, res. Trans-Goomti, Lucknow [DLB95]

TROYLOKNAUTH DUTT  Editor, Urdoo Guide [weekly – Thurs at Rs. 10 per annum in advance or Re. 1 per month], Muzhurool Ujauyeb, 16 Moonshee Dedar Buksh’s Lane, Calcutta [NCD62]

TUNDORF, F.  Stereotyper, Secundra Orphan Press, Agra [DAS57]

TURAB ALI, Munshi  Assistant, Thakur Prosad Shaw & Co., Printers, Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers and Table Linen Manufacturers, Dinapur [TID99]

TWIGG, Reuben  Head Printer, American Mission Press, res. Black Town, Madras [MA40]


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