UDDITCHCHUNDER ADDY  Editor, Sungbad Poorna Chundrodoy [Bengali daily except Sun. at Rs. 8 per annum or Re. 1 per month in advance], Surbartha Poorno Chunder [Bengali monthly at Rs. 2 per annum in advance or 4 Annas per month], Proprietor, Anglo-Bengalee Library, Poorna Chunder Press, Sungbad Poorna Chundrodoy Press, 12 Govindchund Dhur’s St, Amratollah, Calcutta [NCD62 – also spelt UDDY]

UKAJEE, N., & BROS.  Lithographers, Apollo St, Bombay [TID99]

UMASHANKAR & CO.  Commission Agents & Proprietors of the Dost, Delhi [TID90]

UMRAO LALL  Manager, Newal Kishore Press, Lucknow; Manager, Newal Kishore Lithographic Press, Lahore [TID99]

URAGE, W. E.  General Foreman, Punjab Government Press, Pay Rs. 175, Lahore [TID99]

URMSTON-FOSTER, C.  Personal Assistant to Manager, Head Office in India of A. H. Wheeler & Co., Advertising Contractors for Indian Railways and Railway Bookstall Proprietors, Elgin Rd, Allahabad [TID99]


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