STC-2 (1868-1914)

STC-2/ Short Title Catalogue (STC) of Early Bengali Books of the Catalogue Era (1868-1914)

This is a continuation of the earlier work on the STC of early Bengali books published after the Press and Registration Act of 1867.

This project is supervised by Dr. Abhijit Gupta, Professor of English, Jadavpur University, and Joint-Director, SCTR. The project is supported by the ‘University with Potential for Excellence-Phase II’ scheme of the University Grants Commission, India.

Work on this second phase, 1868-1914, is in an advanced stage of compilation. The first phase of visits to libraries and physical verification of books, and the listing of title page data has been completed. Metadata generation for over 1500 entries has been completed till now, including transcription of title-page data for most entries. There have been efforts to include easier keyword searches for new and old entries, evolve standards for phonetic consistency, and systematicise expression to facilitate easier navigation of entries.

Along with providing full bibliographical descriptions and title-page transcriptions, the bibliography is also a location register of Bengali holdings in the following libraries (the library abbreviations are indicated in the parentheses):

Asiatic Society Library, Kolkata (CAas)
Bangiya Sahitya Parisha, Kolkata (CAbsp)
British Library, London (LObl)
India Office Collections, British Library, London (LOio)
Joykrishna Public Library, Uttarapara (UTjkpl)
National Council of Education, Kolkata (CAnce)
National Library, Kolkata (CAnl)
School of Oriental and African Studies, London (LOsoas)
University Library, Cambridge (CAMul)
William Carey Historical Library, Serampore (SEwchl)

The standard format adopted for each book, physically verified as being part of a library collection, is as follows:

 SUBJECT: [lists a book under a set of keywords]
TITLE:  [Transliterated book title, with variant spellings]
YEAR OF PUBLICATION: [according to the Gregorian calendar; with other calendar listings as sambat, bangabda (b.s.), shakabda (śaka), and chaitanyabda]
TITLE PAGE:       [transcription of title page data]
accession number of individual library holding [in bold], and verification status [in bold italics] eg. UTjkpl                      ka299                 verified  indicates that a physical copy of the book has been verified as present in the collections of the Joykrishna Public Library, Uttarapara (UTjkpl)


[We’ll continue to update the bibliographical data under individual alphabetical listings soon. Please watch this space.]

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G    H   I    J   K   Ksa  L



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How to find a book listed under STC-2?

1) If you are searching for a specific book, the easiest way is to navigate to an individual page, by clicking the hyperlinked alphabetical entries above (also available by clicking the page header STC-2), and doing a Find (Cntrl + F) search on your browser, to find the location of the physical book. You could also try the search button to search the entire site.

2) If you are interested in exploring this catalogue, visit any individual page listed under alphabetical heads, and scroll down using your mouse or the down arrow on your keyboard.

3) Some of the books listed here are also arranged under the following keywords, according to our interpretation of the title-page data (please avail the search button on the right to search a keyword across different listings):


agriculture astrology astronomy
baishnab tract bible biography brahmo belles-lettres
christian tract commerce crime fiction criticism
dictionary drama
encyclopaedia economy epic essays ethics ethnography
farce fiction folklore
geography grammar
hindu tract history handbook
land language law
mahabharat mathematics


medicine miscellaneous


music muslim tract
novel natural philosophy
pamphlet pedagogy poetry politics political theory
ramayan religion
science social tract satire sketch song
tale temperance travel translation